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Vangelis Angelakis PhD, Docent
Associate Professor (Biträdande Professor)

Mobile Telecommunications
Department of Science and Technology (ITN)
Linköping University, SWEDEN 

Office: SP 7206, Campus Norrköping
Tel: (+46) 11 363005


Short CV:

Vangelis joined LiU in 2009 as a Marie Curie postdoc with the Mobile Telecommunications group. He became an assistant professor in 2013, and since 2015 he is an associate professor with the Dept. of Science and Technology (ITN). In 2015 he also received his Docent from ITN-LiU in Infrainformatics. He holds a PhD from the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Crete, Greece, acquired in 2008.

His research interests revolve around design of telecommunication systems' and networks' resources optimization with a focus on IoT and Smart City applications. He has held multiple guest posts both in the industry and academia, primarily through EU funded projects. The most recent one was within the EU-FP7 SOrBet project, which he coordinates, at Converge ICT solutions and Services, in the summer of 2015. He has been also been a guest researcher at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China, in 2013, a senior visiting scientist at Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd, United Kingdom, in 2012, and a visiting research associate at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA, in 2005. He is, since 2014, a guest scholar at MAPCI (Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute) at Lund University.

Vangelis is coordinating the EU FP7 MSCA IAPP project (SOrBet), and is a principal investigator for LiU in the EU FP7 SMARTCITIES RERUM project and the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA ITN WiVi-2020 project. He is also been acting as project manager within two more EU-funded projects coordinated by the Mobile Telecommunications group and has been in the OPTICWISE COST Action management committee. His research has also been funded by the ELLIIT excellence center, VR, and the GSRT.

Vangelis has more than 50 papers in international journals and peer-reviewed conferences. He is currently editing a Springer book in Smart Cities, due in 2016, and co-organizing the IEEE Globecom'15 workshop in Optimizing Heterogeneous Networking Technologies for the Internet of Things. Vangelis serves as an associate editor of the IEEE/KICS journal of communications and networks (JCN), and he has been serving as organizer and technical program committee member in a wide range of international conferences and workshops. 


     Undergradue and  Graduate Courses (2017)

·        TNK115: Smart Cities

·        TNK080: Wireless Communication Systems

·        TNK108: Computer Networks

     PhD Courses

  • Publication Strategies (2013/2016)


Current Research 

  • Networking, reliability and scalability, for the IoT in the Smart Cities domain
  • Participatory Sensing for Smart Cities
  • Wireless Mobile network planning and resource optimization

PhD students

·        E. Fountoulakis

·        G. Smpokos

·        N. Daneshfar

·        A. Kosta

·        C. Tatino (co-supervisor – up to 2017)

·        W. Li (co-supervisor – up to 2017)

·        I. Avgouleas, [Lic. 2017],

·        L. You (co-supervisor – up to 2017),

·        Q. He (co-supervisor), [PhD. 2016],

·        L. Lei (co-supervisor), [PhD 2015],

·        S.M. Razavi (co-supervisor) [PhD 2014],

·        L. Chen (co-supervisor) [PhD 2013].


Publications                                                                                   Link to Scholar: here


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Book Chapters

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