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Short bio: Valentin was born in Kiev in 1972; he obtained MSc and PhD degrees from Stony Brook University in 2002 and 2007 resp., and in 2012 was conferred the Docent title by University of Helsinki. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Science and Technology of Linköping University, working as a Senior Lecturer in Air Transportation within Air Transport and Logistics program at Communications and Transport Systems division, and is an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at University of Helsinki, affiliated with the New Paradigms in Computing group of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.

Research interests:
  computational geometry, air traffic management,
  robotics, sensor networks, GIS
Course information for students:
  TNFL03vt2    TNFL07    TNFL09    TNFL10,11
  I'm also partially involved in TNSL20 (incl. MATLAB part) and TNK055ht2
PhD courses (co-taught with Christiane Schmidt):
  Algorithms    Algorithmic techniques    On-demand courses
NB: TNFL09 and TNFL11 are taught at Entry Point North air traffic services academy.
  The other courses are taught on campus Norrköping of LiU
For editors/PC members:
  If you’d like to honor me with a review request, (some version of) the paper must be publicly available
  (here I try to argue why)